Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Samsung puts an end to the BlackBerry acquisition rumors

What happens when you join two companies that aren’t really going through their best times? Well, it’s hard to compare Samsung to BlackBerry, as Samsung is simply not reaching its goals, while BlackBerry is in dire need to re-invent itself one more time. We’ve been hearing reports of Samsung wanting to acquire BlackBerry, but those rumors end today.
Samsung’s J.K. Shin just came on record to confirm that there is no intent to acquire BlackBerry. Instead, Samsung’s mobile lead has stated that the company wants to work with BlackBerry and develop the existing partnership. If you remember, both companies announced a partnership last November where Samsung would utilize BlackBerry’s BES12 as part of the security features on Samsung KNOX. J.K. Shin stated that the company was satisfied with were Samsung’s KNOX is headed, and where BlackBerry is important for the service in the long run.
BlackBerry currently owns around 44,000 patents, most focused on many security features, and which currently keep the company a float. We’ll see how this partnership benefits both companies going forward, as this clearly means that we get to keep the same BlackBerry for the long run as well.
Source: WSJ
Via: Android Central

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