Tuesday, 20 January 2015

New LG G4 candidate enters the running with some expected hardware details

It may be around the time of MWC, it may be closer to summer, but one way or another, LG is gearing up to launch its next flagship, the G4. Reports about the phone’s hardware have suggested it could arrive with some top-tier specs, while maybe even coming in a little smaller than last year’s G3. But just how will it arrive? Piece by piece, we’re trying to collect what evidence becomes available, and a new development from over the weekend might just reveal a little detail about the G4, as a User Agent Profile for a possible variant surfaces.
What we’re looking at is a file describing the model LG-H810, and while these UAProfs don’t often contain a ton of useful information about phone hardware, they can reveal screen resolution: in this case, an unsurprising quad HD 2560 x 1440 figure.
But is this really the G4? We’ve seen another possible candidate in recent days, the LG-F510L, and there we found a compelling logical argument to suggest this could be a sequel to the G3 (model F400). With this H810 we have today, the phone is presented to us as a possible AT&T variant, but we’re not sure that makes a lot of sense.
After all, the G2 on AT&T was the D800, and the G3 the D850. We haven’t seen any evidence to suggest LG’s dropping the D prefix for such models, nor to explain why it might dial-back the model number for a next-gen handset. As such, we’re more than a little unsure that this depiction of the H810 as a G4 for AT&T is accurate. That’s not to say that it isn’t an upcoming high-end LG handset, but the connection to the G4 and especially to AT&T might be a little more tenuous than this rumor is getting credit for.
Source: LG
Via: GSM Arena
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