Friday, 6 June 2014

Galaxy S 5 Activ Hardware Tour.

Last year’s Galaxy S 4 Active brought water resistance and an electric blue paint job to Samsung’s then-reigning flagship, but it compromised in some pretty notable areas: the display took a sidestep from AMOLED to LCD, and the camera accepted a demotion from 13 megapixels to 8. Despite our positive review, the S 4 Active also earned its share of enemies thanks to the tendency of water to get inside its casing – kind of a big deal when your main claim to fame is water-resistance.
Samsung looks to make good on last year’s shortcomings with the Galaxy S5 Active, a beast of a smartphone that replaces the S 4 Active’s flimsy battery cover with something a little more sturdy. More importantly, the specs between Active and stock are closer to parity this year, and the new Active also brings Mil-STD810G durability in order to further stand out from its more-fragile forerunner.
Oh, and just in case the bulkier casing and “exposed rivet” detailing weren’t enough for you, the Galaxy S5 Active is also covered in a green camouflage paint job. Just so there’s no question at all that this is a phone for tough folks.
Join us for our Galaxy S5 unboxing, and be sure to stay tuned to Pocketnow in the weeks ahead for more coverage on what may well be AT&T’s most-outdoorsy smartphone ever.
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