Monday, 26 May 2014

Samsung Leaks 4.4.3 dev updates.

Back around the start of May, an internal Samsung document leaked out, revealing the company’s work in pursuit of Android 4.4.2 updates for a number of currently available smartphones. What it revealed wasn’t great news – for instance, we saw the Galaxy S III fail to make the cut for models that would get the update – but it was still nice to insight into Samsung’s progress. Today we return with an update, and while there’s not a ton of progress on the 4.4.2 side of the fence, we also touch briefly on the pending arrival of 4.4.3.
From last month’s 4.4.2 update phase four report we graduate to phase five, and things seem to be moving along quite smoothly: completed updates are now pending release, those in final testing are now completed, and so forth. No ETAs seem to have changed, and there’s no progress on the GS3 – where it had once been marked as “n/a,” its status now reads “unstable.”
We also get a companion doc, and this one for Samsung’s updates based around KTU70 builds: Android 4.4.3. Only the GS4 and GS5 themselves make the list at this early date, and all we get is the note that Samsung is still integrating the software – meaning this isn’t even to the testing phase yet. That could place a release quite a while out (and as you can see, there aren’t even any loose ETAs just yet).
It’s also worth noting that the GS4 mentioned here is one of those LTE-Advanced models with the Snapdragon 800. Will those models see 4.4.3 arrive before their Exynos and Snapdragon 600 siblings?
samsung-android-updates-1samsung-android-updates-2Source: SamMobile
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