Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Google Calendar to reach iOS soon, Material Design included

Google’s launch of its native Google Calendar application made a lot of sense for most Android users that rely on Google services. The intensive skinning of Android led many OEMs to launch proprietary calendar services that weren’t on par with the pace at which Google was bringing newer and smarter services to Google Calendar. You’d think that only Android users would benefit from this, but that reality is about to extend.
Leaked screen shots show us that the Google Calendar is almost ready for a launch on iOS. The design replicates almost every single detail of how we see the Google Calendar app work on Android, something we’ve seen Google do previously with services like Maps. This would be the first time that the Google Calendar app launches on iOS, but we don’t know how this will affect the integration of these calendar services on the iOS calendar, which currently works flawlessly. The app does bring the added value of integrating Google Contacts, Gmail, and even Maps to the app, something that the iOS calendar can’t provide fully, so there is a purpose for this launch after all.
The launch of the app could be imminent, but this wouldn’t be the first time that Google services get clogged by Apple’s approval process, so stay tuned.
Source: TNW
Via: MacRumors
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