Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Galaxy S6 Edge rumors double-down on dual curve theory

Are we finally starting to close in on Samsung’s true intentions for the Galaxy S6, or just finding ourselves more misled as new rumors arrive to muddy the issue? Some of the recent talk about Samsung’s plans for its Galaxy S6 has started to really divulge from earlier descriptions of the hardware, raising the possibility that the phone might not use metal to the extend we once thought, and could instead feature a largely glass exterior. But not everything we’ve heard about what Samsung’s up to has been crumbling in the face of new rumors, and now we’re looking at one item that revisits an idea we’ve heard a couple times before: that the curved-screen Galaxy S6 Edge version of the phone could have not one, but two wrap-around edges.
The first time this theory was floated, we weren’t too ready to hear it, as it sounded more like shot-in-the-dark guesswork than anything stemming from a source with knowledge of Samsung’s actions. But the next time the idea came up, it was presented in a slightly more believable way, and that trend continues now, with another source claiming that Samsung’s been working on such a dual-curve GS6 Edge design.
Functionally, each curved side would work just like we see the curve behave on the existing Note Edge; there’s no indication here that the addition of the second curve would also bring with it new ways to interact with the wrap-around part of the display.
Back at CES the other week, we saw LG demonstrate a dual-curve display just like we’re talking about for Samsung here, but there’s no indication that company is in quite the same rush as Samsung to bring a product based around the panel to market.
Source: SamMobile
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