Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Apple might sell stand-alone stylus as iPad Pro accessory after all

Many of us miss the old days of the Windows Mobile and Palm stylus, something that Apple single-handedly killed with the iPhone. Still, it would be unfair to forget that the Apple Newton was one of the first products to feature such a concept, and we have seen companies like Samsung succeed in making the stylus something smarter. Recent patents showed us that Apple has been considering building a stylus for the masses, but under a very different concept to what we currently see in the market.
KGI’s Ming-Chi Kuo gained a lot of fame for some of the recent iPhone 6 predictions. In a new report today, KGI claims that Apple is planning to sell a stylus as a stand-alone accessory to its iPad lineup, something that makes a lot of sense if you analyze all the patents going around. The launch will happen some time this year, aligned with the possible launch of the larger 12.9-inch iPad that’s being rumored as well. The report only mentiones that the stylus would charge Apple’s lightning cable, but it doesn’t go as far as to share details on how this stylus would operate, or if the device will be compatible with existing iPads. What it does claim is that it won’t be sold in the box of any iPad, as this would increase the selling price of the tablet. It’s reportedly an accessory that you can buy if you need one, and judging by recent patents, this stylus will not only work on tablets, but on paper and whiteboards as well.
It’s hard to tell if Apple will be able to re-invent the stylus any more that Samsung has. Whatever the case may be, we do know that there is a market that requires precision in digital displays, and this new “iPen” could solve many needs. While we keep speculating, enjoy a few seconds of Steve Jobs killing the stylus as we knew it back at MacWorld 2007.
Via: 9to5Mac
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