Tuesday, 20 January 2015

OnePlus One orders going wide open for two hours tomorrow

Can you barely keep track of how you’re supposed to buy the OnePlus One? We don’t blame you. At least when your only option was that invite system, the process was straightforward enough, but recent months have seen those invites joined by pre-orders, as well as sporadic periods of outright availability. If that latter option sounds far preferable than the alternatives (and really, that’s understandable), you’re going to want to mark tomorrow down on your calendar, as OnePlus prepares to accept new One orders for a two-hour window.
OnePlus One orders will be open to anyone interested in buying one – no invite, no pre-order – tomorrow evening. OnePlus is staggering the sales for different regions, and many shoppers will see orders open in their local 7pm to 9pm block. That includes those in Europe on GMT time, on the East Coast of the US, and those in Hong Kong and Taiwan.
Admittedly, we’re likely only a few months away from OnePlus Two hardware to make its debut, and from the sound of the latest rumors, that could be a handset that puts this first-gen model to shame. But that needn’t make the currently-available option much less appealing, and we very well could find ourselves waiting until as late as September for the Two to launch. So, what say you? Will you be giving the One a chance tomorrow, or will you patiently await the next effort from OnePlus?
Source: OnePlus
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