Tuesday, 16 December 2014

New Asus Zen phones for CES 2015 ?

ASUS may not be as popular as it deserves with its smartphone offerings, but tablets are a different story.Both iterations of the Nexus 7 were made by ASUS and garnered significant success, and even though itsPadFone concept hasn’t grown to a significant degree, it’s clear that there is a lot of innovation behind ASUS’ work both in hardware, and its aggressive price points. We’ve heard rumors that the company is planning something big for CES 2015, and we get the first teaser today.
ASUS has just sent out press invitations for its event to happen on January 5th, and even though the company hasn’t provided details as to what we’re getting, its “Experience 2morrow” theme is quite revealing. We recently heard that the company had partnered with Intel to launch affordable smartphones with a newLTE-capable Intel chip, and given the scenario for CES happening on Intel’s back yard, it’s only logical that we might see this device launching at the event. Price points rumored mentioned a crazy $300 for this device, something that could really shake the market as well as the Nexus 7 did, as long as ASUS plays its cards right with the rest of the spec sheet. Other rumors mention other smartphones at lower price points, powered by MediaTek processors as well.
We’ll be covering CES 2015 from beginning to end, and you can bet we’ll keep an eye on ASUS’ offerings.
Source: ASUSIntel
Via: Phone Arena
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