Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Android notifications compatible with new pebble beta

Android users who are shopping for a smartwatch are faced with a tough decision: Android Wear or not. OK, there’s a lot more to it than just that, but the arrival this year of a cross-device smartwatch framework in Android Wear made some of the more limited alternatives start looking a bit less attractive. Sure, Samsung’s got some interesting hardware, like watches with built-in cameras, but you can only use those with Samsung phones. And Pebble’s been a favorite if you want a cross-device, cross-platform option, but will developer interest in Wear ultimately draw focus away from the company’s smartwatches? Not if Pebble has anything to say about it, and the latest update to the Pebble Android companion app brings those watches support for Android Wear notifications.
With this latest beta 2.3 release, the Pebble app will send notifications from Android Wear-aware apps right to your wrist, where you can dismiss or act on them, similar to what you’d do with a full-blown Android Wear smartwatch.
Beyond that Wear app support, there are also a few bugfixes, support for auto-updates, and new compatibility with older versions of Android, all the way down to 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.
Since this is a beta release, you’ll need to register as a tester to get access – but the good news there is that the program is open, with nothing standing between you and registration. Once you’ve got the latest software, start checking out some Android Wear-equipped apps to see what your Pebble now lets you do with them.
Source: Pebble
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