Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Apple reportedly testing its next version of iOS silently

Apple has had its good batch of ups and downs with iOS 8. On the positive side, the company has launched a more mature version of the operating system, and has addressed a lot of the things we asked for with iOS 7. That being said, its initial launches led to some bricked iPhone 6 units, and some slow legacy devicesiOS 8.1.2 was recently launched with some silent bug fixes, but it seems that was just part of the story.
Apple hasn’t really seeded iOS 8.1.3 to developers as is customary, but some activity logs are already claiming its existence. This wouldn’t be the first time that Apple launches a dot update silently and without passing it through the developer community. Usually Cupertino does this in order to patch major issues that it silently detects, and who knows, it might even be to cover its tracks for the recent Jailbreak of iOS 8.1.2 on every single iOS 8 compatible device in the market.
Whatever the case may be, we could be just a few days away from this launch, so stay tuned.
Source: MacRumors
Via: Redmond Pie
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