Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Lumia 535 touchscreen-fix update makes early arrival

For the past week now, we’ve been talking about issues the Lumia 535 has been having with its touchscreen, and while it sounded quite annoying, we were relieved to hear that Microsoft had acknowledged the problem and was developing a fix. By Friday, we had heard that the fix was nearly ready to go out, and users could expect to start seeing it arrive shortly before the end of the month, on December 27. As it turns out, you may not even have to wait that long, and today Microsoft confirms that its new Lumia 535 update is rolling out to users now.
Sure enough, the touchscreen fix is in, and while we haven’t yet heard any direct reports from users regarding the extent to which the update’s able to resolve the issue, we’re optimistic that this should make the phone much more usable. Beyond that, the update also delivers a new mobile data toggle, the ability to schedule installation of future updates, and a mishmash of additional “stability and performance improvements.”
Haven’t seen it yet? Well, Microsoft explains that the update is only going out now in select countries. So maybe it will be closer to the end of the week before it comes your way, but it’s very real, that touchscreen fix is right up there on top of the changelog, and it’s just a matter of time before your Lumia 535 gets this latest code and starts becomes a lot easier to interact with.
Source: Microsoft
Via: Windows Central
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