Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Apple becoming a nightmare for third-party keyboard developers

Just as with mobile payments and a ton of other services, Apple wasn’t first in allowing third-party keyboards to work on its iOS products. Apple’s stock iOS keyboard isn’t as bad as some stock Android keyboards we’ve tested, but it’s always good to give people options to choose what better solves their particular needs. The biggest problem is that third-party keyboards on iOS are sluggish, and it seems that Apple also wants them to become less functional.
Nintype has become very famous because of all the added functionality that the developer has envisioned you would like in a keyboard. One of the hottest features is that the keyboard becomes a quick calculator when you need it, something that would save you from the need to multi-task to the calculator application during a quick message to a friend. If you think of it, this is the true beauty behind the idea of allowing developers to re-imagine how things should work, but the developer is already complaining that Apple has contacted him to change things. Jormy, the developer behind the service is already reporting that Apple has requested that he remove the calculator feature from his keyboard during the next app update.
We’re still not clear exactly why Apple would want something so useful to be ditched from an application. There are clearly unwritten rules in Apple’s app policies, and these clearly hinder the platform from taking a step over its competitors.
Source: Nintype
Via: Cult Of Mac
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