Tuesday, 23 December 2014

LG trademark points to work on new tablet

If there’s one thing LG might like even more than releasing new mobile devices, it’s filing trademarks for their names. Sure, all companies have their trademarks, but we end up hearing about a lot of new LG gear for the first time from such filings, and often with names that also give us a solid hint at just what sort of devices these might be. Already this year alone, we’ve seen such trademarks for unreleased smartwatchesa possible phablet, and maybe even the next G Flex. Now we’ve got one new name to add to that growing list, with LG trademarking the G Pad X.
To refresh your memory a bit about LG’s return to the tablet market, last year at IFA LG delivered the G Pad 8.3, before following that up this past spring with a trio of additional models, the G Pad 7.0, 8.0, and 10.1 (above).
While this new trademark breaks from that naming scheme a bit, that may be just where LG’s intentions lie, helping to differentiate a next generation of its tablet lineup. But is that all the X means? LG could be going all Roman numerals on us, with the G Pad X designating a ten-incher, but for the moment that’s just speculation.
Fortunately for us, expo season is just around the corner, and whether it happens at CES, MWC, or even a stand-alone LG press event, there’s a decent chance that LG could be planning to formally announce this guy in the relatively near future.
Source: USPTO
Via: Phandroid
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