Tuesday, 23 December 2014

ASUS delivers CES 2015 teaser vid (and no, those aren’t dual cameras)

CES 2015 isn’t but two weeks away at this point, and we couldn’t be more excited for all the hardware we’ll be going to Vegas to see first-hand. The companies involved are starting to warm up their PR machines to give us an early taste of what to expect, and this week we begin with a short teaser clip from ASUS, giving us a quick peek at a new ZenPhone.
Back at the start of the year, ASUS brought a trio of ZenPhone models to CES, but all were pretty standard handsets without any eye-catching features. We’ve been expecting at least one new model for 2015’s show, and this teaser appears to confirm just that. With its “see what others can’t see” tagline, and all the quick close-up shots of the phone’s imaging hardware, camera performance is clearly a big focus for the device, but just what are we seeing here?
One theory going around today (and getting a surprising amount of traction) is that this video depicts dual cameras – just like Huawei did on the Honor 6 Plus. And the screencap up above is suppose to show us just that. But giving the video a closer look, that’s not what we’re seeing at all.
That dual-lens arrangement? That’s the LED flash. Just like on plenty of phones. It may look weird when it’s this close up (and the video edits certainly make it seem as large as the real camera lens), but some fancy dual-rear-camera arrangement is very much not what ASUS is doing here.
You can see the rear of the phone in another still (below), and it’s clearly a single-lens camera (with dual-LED flash). So, sorry: no Huawei-type dual rear shooters. Still, rear volume buttons! So there’s that to look forward to.
Update: ASUS has a longer teaser video up now, and it gives us an even better view of the phone’s back. Here, that rear button looks like one big one (maybe a rocker), rather than two distinct ones.
Source: ASUS (Facebook)
Via: Droid LifeAndroid Central
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