Friday, 19 December 2014

Lumia 535 touchscreen fix should be just a week away

We got this week started by sharing some unfortunate news about the Lumia 535, one of Microsoft’s latest affordable Windows Phone models. Multiple reports had been turning up from users frustrated with the smartphone’s touchscreen sensitivity, but there was hope: one of Microsoft’s international arms reached out to a 535 owner on social media and mentioned that the company was developing an update aimed at correcting this glitch. That sounded great to us, but just when could we expect this fix to materialize? More good news: not much longer, with Microsoft reportedly working to get this update out before the end of the month.
So says a report out of Vietnam, where Microsoft is apparently planning to deliver a fix for the Lumia 535’s screen sensitivity woes on December 27.
That’s no guarantee that we’ll see the update available in all markets at the same time, but considering how the bug seems to be affecting 535 models everywhere, it’s likely that Microsoft is interested in getting it out every place it can, as soon as that’s possible.
Maybe we should wait until we actually see this update hit users’ phones and learn whether it truly corrects the full extent of touchscreen issues that owners have been reporting, but -fingers crossed- it’s sounding possible that this whole issue could be behind us by the start of the new year.
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Via: GSM Arena
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