Friday, 19 December 2014

Could this metal frame be a Samsung Galaxy S6 component?

Given the evidence that’s arrived to date, it’s hardly controversial to suggest that Samsung’s working a Galaxy S6, though so far we haven’t managed to get a look at any actual hardware. One week back, a purported prototype photo was quickly identified as a fake, and while plenty of rumors have made bold claims about curved-screen designs, there just hasn’t been any photographic proof to support these allegations. Well, today we’ve got something to actually look at – whether it’s part of the Galaxy S6 or not is another question, but these pics are supposed to depict the metal frame that will make up a future Samsung phone.
At least, more than one rumor has suggested that metal could play a big role in the Galaxy S6’s construction. While this is clearly a metal part, it may not align precisely with some of the other details from those GS6 rumors: for instance, this appears to be a frame to which other body parts would attach, rather than the full-metal-bodied design we’ve heard described.
We’re also not picking up on any evidence of a wrap-around display, and that hole placement’s also a bit odd: if the larger one’s supposed to be a through-hole for a camera, its off-to-the-side placement is outside Samsung’s usual design layout.
All things considered, we’re not seeing a ton here that’s convincing us this is the Galaxy S6 – or even a Samsung phone, period. Like all these rumors, we’ll file it away for reference in case something similar pops back up later on, letting us connect the dots, but we may just have to keep waiting for the first GS6 pics.
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