Friday, 19 December 2014

Android 5.0.2 appears out of the blue for the Nexus 7 2012

We were only just starting to see Android 5.0.1 hit the last stragglers of the Nexus family: this past Monday,the Nexus 5 finally saw its OTA incoming. And with that, all the Nexus phones that would be getting the update had access to it, following earlier availability for many Nexus tablets. But the weeks that follow the release of a major Android update like Lollipop are ones that are inevitability chaotic, full of devs scrambling to correct little issues that made it through the cracks or deliver features that weren’t quite fully-baked at launch time – this is what leads to things like Android 5.0.1 in the first place. No sooner has 5.0.1 established itself than 5.0.2 is already showing its face, sneaking its way this evening into Google’s Nexus factory image repository.
As of right now, there’s a sole 5.0.2 image up there, ready to be flashed on the WiFi-only 2012 Nexus 7. What’s new? We don’t know just yet, but given how this tablet was among the few that never got 5.0.1 in the first place (also including the cellular models that are still waiting for any 5.0 release), we imagine it may include device-specific fixes. Perhaps there really will be more to it than that, but as of now nothing like a changelog has emerged.
Since this factory image could mean doing a full device wipe, you may not be in a big hurry to give it a spin yourself, but chances are good that we’ll see an OTA download turn up shortly. If and when that happens, look for an update here with a link to the files.
Source: Google
Via: Mobile Syrup
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