Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Nexus 6 render looks like it just leaked

Having just checked out that latest batch of Google Android videos, we’ve clearly got the Nexus 6 on the mind. The phone featured in one of those spots sure hit a few Nexus 6 notes, from the big screen size, to the very Motorola-looking body curve, to the unusual positioning for hardware buttons midway down the phone’s edge. It remains to be seen if depicting the Nexus 6 was Google’s intention there, but as we wait for any sort of official confirmation to arrive, we’ve got a brand-new Nexus 6 development to check out, with the release of the render you see here, seeming to reveal this forthcoming Nexus phone in all its glory.
In a temporary break from his retirement (as well as a break from some personal drama), @evleaks returns to the scene to relive some of the good times, dropping this new render in the process. In what he calls “deference to Nexus,” this image comes through clean, without the usual watermark.
Based on what we’ve seen from previous leaks, this pic appears consistent in its details. Those include speaker grille shape and alignment, position of the front-facing camera, the aforementioned side buttons, and even that curved back, seemingly thickening in the middle before tapering back off at the top and bottom.
Really, the only thing this leak leaves us wanting for is an on-screen date to help fuel rumors about Google’s launch plans. Could the phone arrive tomorrow? Thursday? Later this month? Google knows, but it ain’t saying.

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