Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Is this a Nexus 6 in Google’s new promo spots?

It sure feels like Google could be ready to introduce the
 Nexus 6, Nexus 9, and public release of Android L at nearly any moment;multiple rumors have suggested launches on various days this week, though for the moment Google’s done little to have us feeling particularly confident about any given one. But while details of a specific launch announcement may remain unclear, there’s definitely something brewing; look no further than to the new trio of Android video ads, one of which sure seems to feature a jumbo-sized Android L phone – perhaps the Nexus 6?7 Comments

You can see that bit in the first clip embedded below, and while the handset isn’t depicted in enough detail for us to definitively say whether or not it represents the Nexus 6, the idea of a 5.9-inch model does correspond nicely with the depiction given here.
It looks like these spots are part of a promotional campaign that hasn’t quite gone full live yet; while the clips have slipped into rotation, the links they attempt to send users to on Google’s Android site (referencing this new “be together, not the same” tagline) aren’t yet active. Could these be intended to run post-announcement, when those pages will suddenly become accessible? We may be just days away from learning.
Source: Google
Via: Engadget
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