Tuesday, 14 October 2014

HTC’s mysterious box sure feels like a Nexus 9 teaser

 Google’s new Android videos and that Nexus 6 leak, we’re keeping this Nexus train running just a little while longer, though for the next stop, we’re switching gears to tablet territory. Probably even more than with the Nexus 6, we’ve been hearing that the Nexus 9′s launch is imminent, set to occur as soon as tomorrow – and really, it’s those Nexus 9 rumors that are driving Nexus 6 launch date speculation, and not the other way around.HTC kinda, sorta seems to have confirmed the tablet already, and yesterday one of the company’s execs delivered a new teaser to keep our excitement piqued.0 Comments
HTC’s Jeff Gordon dropped the image you see above on Twitter, calling the contents within “amazing, beautiful and highly confidential.”
Even without a great sense of scale to work with, that box sure seems a bit larger than something a phone might come in – heck, it looks like it’s on the big side for a tablet, as well, but that’s sure a more believable explanation for packaging this size. And maybe after throwing in some accessories like the keyboard cover we’ve seen… sure, a big box might be just what the doctor ordered.
Unfortunately, Gordon’s in no hurry to share the contents with us. For that, we’ll have to wait for the formal Nexus 9 launch, which is feeling more and more like it’s going to be sprung on us with little advance warning.
Source: Jeff Gordon (Twitter)
Via: phoneArena
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