Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Android L dessert name all but confirmed

Rumours have been quite insistent that some sort of new Nexus hardware is right about to be launched. That might be the Nexus 9 this week, or maybe the Nexus 6 a little later on this month, but the idea that one, if not both of them, are just about to debut is becoming increasingly hard to ignore. And when that hardware arrives, it’s almost sure to do so alongside the public release of Android L – but not under that name. After all, the “L” was merely a placeholder until we get the official name of this Android release’s dessert of choice. Would it be layer cake? Lemon meringue pie? Lollipop? It’s still not official, but we’ve got a seriously good feeling about one contender: Android Licorice.33 Comments
The idea of Android Licorice has popped up before, so why are we so on-board this time? Because of who’s talking about it: Giovanni Calabrese of Themendous, the company that does Google’s lawn sculptures. In his recent social posts, Calabrese has made numerous references both to work on those Google sculptures, and to licorice itself. He mentions traveling with boxes of licorice, his new-found appreciation for the snack, and even links to a tutorial on how it’s made.
Could it all be an elaborate misdirect? Perhaps, but until something convinces us otherwise, we’re inclined to take this one on face value. Just an hour ago, Calabrese shared the above pic of work changing the placement of Google’s sculptures… perhaps to make room for a new one? It could be just a matter of days before the new Android Licorice statue arrives.
Source: Giovanni Calabrese (Google+)
Via: Android Guys
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