Friday, 1 August 2014

Yet another Galaxy S5 variant expected: Snapdragon 805, but no quad HD display

We’re pretty much done with the Galaxy S5 by this point, right? We got the GS5 proper, we got the GS5 Active, we got the GS5 mini, and those lucky folks in South Korea even got the tricked-out GS5 LTE-A “Prime” edition. But surely, that must be it, right? Anything from here on out’s going to be something new like a Galaxy Alpha or Galaxy F, and in just a couple weeks, it’s going to be Note 4 this and Note 4 that… isn’t it? Apparently the proverbial fat lady has yet to take the stage for her encore performance, as word comes in this evening that we could have one more Galaxy S5 variant on the way, a hybrid between the original and the LTE-A design.
Benchmark data appears to reveal Samsung’s model SM-G901, another Snapdragon 805-running model built for operation on the latest high-speed LTE-A networks, but one without the quad HD 2560 x 1440 display present in the GS5 LTE-A model we saw land in South Korea. Instead, this new version, which seems to be intended for the European market (just as we saw with a similar GS4 model last summer), will keep the original GS5′s 1080p screen.
On one hand, that’s a disappointment, and one that seems to suggest Samsung’s not yet willing to go all-in on quad HD. But there’s a silver lining here, and while the 805 and its powerful Adreno 420 GPU helped drive all those extra pixels on the Prime’s QHD display, imagine what kind of killer performance we might see when that same chip only has to run a 1080p screen.
Right now, there’s no sign of when Samsung might intend to formally announce this model, but considering the European focus, IFA sounds like a perfect venue.
Source: GFXBench
Via: Android and Me
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