Friday, 1 August 2014

iPhone logo will only glow in select devices ?

Most of Apple’s iPhone 6 rumors have focused on the company making some interesting additions to its future smartphone. Some rumors claim that we’ll finally see new technologies like NFC make it to the final design, and others believe that the carved logo will also allow for Apple to bring it’s famous “Mac-glowing” logo to its iPhone line-up. Sadly at this point anything can happen, and some new reports claim that this is not going to happen.
New sources claim that the logo is being cut out in a similar process to what we’ve previously seen on the iPad, and its main purpose is allow Apple to reach accurate coloration of the housing, in addition to serving as a good spot for antennas, and also for heat dissipation. The source doesn’t directly claim that the logo won’t glow, but it’s highly unlikely that this will happen in this first iteration of Apple’s new smartphone design. It would definitely be a cool and flashy addition to Apple’s next iPhone 6, but it could also prove to be unpractical if saving battery life is a must for any smartphone in the market.
The embedded video goes through the reasons why we might not see a glowing logo in this iPhone 6. Apple is famous for prototyping different models of a device before manufacturing, so it could be that the product existed and was ditched at some point.
Source: iCrackuriDevice
Via: BGR
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