Friday, 1 August 2014

Samsung Galaxy Alpha rumors deliver new launch date, spec rundown

For a minute there, it really looked like we were just about to get Samsung’s Galaxy Alpha. At least, there was this barrage of leaks introducing us to the phone over a very short time span, going back just a couple weeks, and rumors of an August launchquickly zeroed-in on a very early date: Monday, August 4. Well, the Alpha may still be nearly within reach, but the latest gossip has the phone arriving just a little further out.
This new report from Germany acknowledges that the August 4 date may have briefly been correct, but asserts that Samsung made a last-minute decision to move that announcement back until August 13 – still far in advance of IFA in September, but with just a little bit more of a wait for us.
We also pick up some new insight into the Galaxy Alpha’s hardware, building off what we already heard with some new details gleamed from benchmark reports. Those have the phone running an Exynos 5433, and packing 2GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, and a 12MP main camera (2MP front-facer). The 720p display resolution we’ve heard about a few times also finds new confirmation.
Finally, we get the note that the Alpha we’ve seen may not be the phone’s final design, and that Samsung could present something slightly different at that August 13 unveiling.
Source: All About Samsung (Google Translate)
Via: SamMobile
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