Tuesday, 5 August 2014

New leaks show an iPad Air with some minor design changes

Most of the Apple talk lately is focused on theiPhone 6, its two variants, and a possible launch date for each of these this year, but we shouldn’t forget that there is also an imminent iPad launch as well. Surely the iPad isn’t the best selling Apple product lately as the company has found stagnant sales in the last few quarters, but this could actually be a good thing, as Apple is now forced to find new ways to keep its tablet relevant.

New leaks show us that Apple is bringing some new design changes to the iPad Air, and most likely the iPad mini design as well. We already knew about some recessed buttons being part of the changes, but these new leaks show us that there is an additional back-mounted microphone in the chassis, in addition to bigger grills for the speakers at the bottom. Hopefully this won’t be the only change that Apple is planning in order to wow consumers, but we won’t know that until the final product is announced later this year.

It’s really hard to predict when the launch of Apple’s new tablet lineup will happen, but given the amount of pressure that competitors are applying on Apple lately, It’s clear that Cupertino needs to move quickly.

Source: Sina Weibo
Via and iMore

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