Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Oppo teases 24MP camera on N1 Mini (but should it?)

Back at the end of May, we saw Oppo announce its N1 Mini, a scaled-down alternative to the 5.9-inch N1. But while the company made the smartphone official, it didn’t divulge a whole lot of detail about the handset’s hardware and capabilities, leaving that info to slowly trickle out over the following weeks. Now a new social promo post for the N1 Mini is catching the attention of smartphone fans due to its mention of a “revolutionary 24 Mega Pixels Ultra HD camera,” but as it turns out, there’s a little more to the story than you might pick up on from the description there.

Like the N1 itself, the N1 Mini has a rotating camera that allows the same camera sensor to be used for front-facing and rear shots. But just like larger N1, the camera on the N1 Mini only uses a 13MP Sony component. So where’s 24MP coming from?

That “Ultra HD” business might have clued you in, as it’s one of the terms Oppo uses to describe the surprisingly impressive (as our own tests uncovered) upsampling mode Oppo’s also used on phones like the Find 7 and Find 7a. But while those phones used their 13MP sensors to create 50MP images, the N1 Mini places a more conservative ceiling of 24MP on its magic.

This puts us in an interesting spot here, not quite sure what to think about Oppo’s N1 Mini promotional efforts. Should we be judging it negatively for posting about a 24MP camera without including the seemingly necessary disclaimer that this is really a 13MP camera with some smart software, or – since like we observed, the scaling really can generate some nice pics – is the effective output the thing shoppers should be concerned with?

Source: Oppo (Facebook)
Via: GSM Arena

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