Tuesday, 5 August 2014

WP8.1 Update 1 includes Bluetooth Internet Sharing, microSD updates and more

Microsoft’s launch of Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1is clearly more than just a simple step in the right direction. The amount of changes included in the update are significant enough to warrant for another “dot,” though Microsoft decided to keep this conservative. That said; as more users continue to receive the update, new details on its features emerge.

One of the most praised changes is that now Microsoft gives you the option to select how you’d like to share your Internet connection. In the past you were only given the option to share your connection through Wi-Fi, which is the most common standard these days. Still, there are a lot of us that still prefer to share our connection through Bluetooth in order to keep our battery consumption in check, and now this update allows you to select the way to share.

In addition to this change, more details claim that Microsoft will now allow you to install OS updates through your microSD card. Obviously we’ll need to actually give that option a try to confirm, but this does open a door for more than just OS updates being installed through external storage. For the longest time, this has been the easiest way to loadcustom ROMs on Android, so you get where we’re going with the statement.

Update 1 continues to arrive to more handsets in the next coming days, so make sure you share your thoughts and impressions in the comments.

Via: WPCentral and WMPowerUser

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