Friday, 8 August 2014

Google releases updated build of Android L Developer Preview

Six weeks ago today, a day after Google detailed the arrival of Android L at its Google I/O keynote, the company released the first Android L Developer Preview images. Downloads were available for both the 2013 Nexus 7 and the Nexus 5, and we quickly took advantage of these resources to bring you a hands-on look at the updated platform. In the time that’s followed, Google’s been hard at work on finalizing Android L with its eye on a public release this fall, and today we check out the next step on the path towards that goal, as a couple new Android L Dev Preview releases arrive for those two Nexus devices.
What’s new? According to Google, there’s only one big change to expect: Google Fit support. Google Fit was another one of the company’s Google I/O announcements, a standardized API for wearables and phone-based sensors for gathering data to be used by fitness apps.
Along with these new Android L images, Google’s also making the Fit SDK available to devs as of today. The full system isn’t yet in place – Google says that the cloud backend is still coming soon – but taken together these new tools will give devs what they need to start crafting Google Fit apps all ready for release when Android L updates start hitting existing phones this fall.
Source: Google 1,2
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