Friday, 8 August 2014

Beats by Dre gets some dedicated love on Apple’s online store

Now that the US government has approved the deal between Apple and Beats, it’s time to start seeing what this acquisition was for. Some speculate that the deal is to bring some more culture into Apple’s approach to music, and others assume this is to improve the quality of Apple’s mobile accessories. Whatever the case may be, we’re not seeing any of that yet, as all we find lately is better product placement for Beats on Apple’s website.
In addition to Apple launching a webpage with all the information of Beats by Dre, today we see that Apple has given its online store a minor update with a Beats by Dre section. The section works both on your browser and on the Apple Store mobile app, and it simply filters everything there is to buy from Beats by Dre, but on the Apple Store.
We do know that Apple’s initial plans are to have both companies work separately, but it’s hard to assume that a company would spend $3 billion on Beats just to feature them on its store. Let’s see how things evolve as Apple launches its products this fall.
Source: Apple Store
Via: 9to5Mac
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