Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime Concept.

Samsung sure does seem to be working on an upgraded version of its Galaxy S5, a phone we’ve been talking about as the GS5 Prime. Beyond the move to a 2K quad HD display, there’s also been talk of a new metal body and upgrades to various internal chips. We’ve even got a model number for the handset, which should arrive as Samsung’s SM-G906. But for all we’ve heard, we really haven’t gotten any look at the phone itself. Those early case renders didn’t reveal anything of consequence, andmore recent pics claiming to reveal the model have been uncovered as fakes. We still might not have any official source for GS5 Prime imagery, so today we turn to the community, checking out a concept design from Vishal at My Gadgetic.
It’s a pretty striking design, with a very narrow bezel and harder lines than we’re used to from Samsung’s smoothed-over handsets; profile-wise, it reminds us a bit of the Oppo Find 7. That’s really the heart of our one big complaint about this render – it just doesn’t look very Samsung-y. From the home button to the earpiece, the components here don’t have us recalling a lot of existing Samsung phones. It’s the little things like that which are keeping us from absolutely loving this concept – like how the Samsung logo itself looks wrong.
Still, the GS5 Prime could do a heck of a lot worse than to follow some of the notes played here – and we’d kill to see those narrow side bezels make an appearance on the real thing.
Source: My Gadgetic (YouTube)
Via: BGR
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