Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Source delivers new details on HTC One M9 hardware

After months and months of rumors and leaks attempting to get to the bottom of HTC’s plans for its next flagship, our picture of what to expect from the One M9 took a big step into focus earlier today, with the leak of some believable-looking photographs of purported One M9 hardware. The design didn’t stray far from the One M8 (and M7 before it), but while these images were far-and-away the best we’ve seen to date, they didn’t give us a complete overview of the handset – the choice of angles and cropping ended up keeping portions of the hardware obscured. Luckily for us, the arrival of this leak has prompted a new source to come forward, offering some extra details that serve to help fill in those blanks a little bit.
Take the One M9’s camera: from the leaked pic above, it sure appears to just be a single sensor, but could there be something else hiding just out of frame to add a little of HTC’s old DuoCamera depth magic? Not according to this source, who confirms the One M9’s camera appears as pictured here while adding that HTC’s dropping the DuoCamera feature.
We also hear a little about hardware buttons. HTC’s supposedly moving the phone’s power button from up top to its left edge, nestled below the volume controls. Those are also set to evolve, changing from a rocker to a pair of distinct up and down buttons.
Finally, we’re told that the One M9 comes in “slightly” thicker than the One M8. At its thickest, the One M8 measures 9.35mm. Does this mean that the One M9 will veer closer to 10mm? Or maybe that the phone could be overall a bit thicker than the One M8, with less of a pronounced curve? It certainly looks quite curved still in the pic up top. For now, we just don’t have any hard measurements.
Source: HTC Source
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