Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Microsoft to introduce new hybrid phone/laptop hardware?

Microsoft’s got its big Windows 10 event tomorrow, where we’ll get our latest insight into how the company plans to move forward with the evolution of its operating system and the ecosystem of devices and services that support it. That’s going to mean big things for mobile, especially with the emphasis Microsoft seems to be putting on unifying devices across traditionally disparate categories; the lines between phone, tablet, game console, and classic PC will all start getting more and more blurred. But is all the news that’s set to happen going to be taking place on the software side of things? This is an OS event, after all. Well, maybe not, as we get word that Microsoft could be thinking about introducing a new phone/laptop hybrid device.
We’re short on specifics, but the rumors is that this device type may be part of a renewed effort to make Windows appealing to enterprise users, providing tools for enhanced productivity when employees are on the go.
As for whether or not it will make any sort of appearance tomorrow, this source claims that some sort of hardware will be on the agenda at Microsoft’s event, and that this hybrid device is in development for a release further out into the future, but stops short of directly asserting that we’ll get a preview of it tomorrow.
That said, it certainly sounds like a possibility, and even if we don’t get to see any actual hardware, we could still find the company introducing us to its broader plans for how a hybrid phone/laptop would function.
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