Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Sony Xperia Z4 looks like it will get a dual-SIM variant

Who’s delivering new flagships at MWC? Samsung could be in, but LG sounds like it might be out. What about Sony? The company was rumored to be prepping its Xperia Z4 for CES earlier this month, but after the phone was a no-show, MWC became our next likely contender. And indeed, Sony seems to be making progress towards getting the Z4 ready for release in the coming weeks: just a few days ago we saw the FCC publish certification paperwork for a Sony handset that a few clues point to being the elusive Z4. Now an additional FCC filing seems to reveal another twist on the Z4, outing a dual-SIM model.
As you may recall, the Z4 candidate we checked out last week was assigned FCC ID PY7-PM0850. A separate set of documents, just published today, covers a similarly-numbered Sony model with FCC ID PY7-PM0851.
Just from those IDs, we’d feel relatively confident asserting that these two handsets are closely related, but Sony does us one better, spelling out the relationship clear as day in a filed declaration letter. There, Sony explains:
PY7-PM0850 and PY7-PM0851 contain the same PCB, layout, display, I/O digital IC, and battery spec, and confines in the same enclosure. These two ID employs the equivalently identical chipset, circuit layout, antenna of WLAN a/b/g/n and Bluetooth, with the same default setting of transmitted output power level, and same software/firmware controlling radio parameters. The difference between PY7-PM0850 / PY7-PM0851 is PY7-PM0850 support with single SIM and PY7-PM0851 supports with dual SIM only hardware difference is the SIM socket, others are all the same.
There you have it. If the PM0850 is the Xperia Z4 after all (and so far, we have no reason to believe it isn’t), then Sony will also have a dual-SIM Z4. Just how and where the manufacturer intends to sell this variant remains to be seen, but it sure appears to be coming, one way or another.
Source: FCC
Via: GSM Arena
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