Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6 won’t be waterproof, neither the S6 Edge, claims report

The Samsung Galaxy S6 will not be waterproof. That’s what this report from Italy claims, and neither will be the the Galaxy S6 Edge. Let’s stop right there, as this report seems to talk about two different models. First, apparently, the 2015 flagship Galaxy S6 will not be waterproof like its 2014 Galaxy S5 predecessor. This might mean that the rumors we’ve heard about Samsung going metal and/or glass might be true (though Sony is doing a great job at waterproofing its Xperia Z phones made from those exact materials).
Second, there have been rumors of a curved screen on a Galaxy S6, but, this report, together with the rest of them out there, seem to suggest a similar model like in the case of the Galaxy Note 4 (if you remember the Note 4 was accompanied at the announcement by the Note Edge). Whether the S6 and the S6 Edge will be announced at the same event is yet unknown, but, for what it’s worth, it will probably exist, and Samsung decided, purportedly, to make neither the S6 Edge, nor the Galaxy S6 waterproof.
Looking further into this, we could draw the conclusion that, with so many rumors, the event should definitely be around the corner (and we’ve got MWC going on in a little more than a month); we can also imagine a Galaxy S6 Active down the line as well, and the report seems to claim its existence.
Source: Webtrek
Via: GSMArena
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