Wednesday, 21 January 2015

64-bit iPhone apps coming February 164-bit iPhone apps coming February 1

If you are an Apple developer you’d better make sure that starting February 1, your apps submitted to the Apple App Store include 64-bit support and that they’re built with the iOS 8 SDK. Apple has released yet another warning (probably the last one) on its Developer page, reminding all app builders that the deadline, February 1, is just around the corner. Should you not obey this requirement, your app will probably be rejected from the App Store.
If you’re a user, you should know that 64-bit iPhone apps (and iPad apps as well) should land to bring you an improved experience while using titles built to support 64-bit. This means improved battery-efficiency, performance, and power.
Apple has introduced 64-bit support for its chips together with the iPhone 5s (powered by the Apple A7 chip, which is also at the core of the iPad Air, and iPad mini with Retina Display), but the app compatibility requirement wasn’t reinforced the way it will be starting next month.
64-bit iPhone apps
Source: Apple Developer (1)(2)
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