Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Lumia Camera will be the default Windows 10 photo shooting app

While Microsoft’s Windows 10 event in Redmond today was by no means a short one – we had plenty of content to go over in-depth during our Editorial Roundtable – there were a few things that were left out of the presentation. One of those things is cause for celebration (or not, depending on how you’d like to look at it), and that’s the Windows 10 default camera app: Lumia Camera.
The same camera app included in the latest Lumia Denim update for all Nokia models will be the one found stock on all Windows 10 devices, including those manufactured by other OEMs such as HTC’s. This is big news, because the stock camera app has been lacking for quite some time now in comparison to replacements from companies like Nokia. The Lumia Camera brings a variety of improvements over Windows Phone 8.1’s current stock offering, such as being able to edit how much flash is used on a photo after the fact. Our own Jaime Rivera fell so much in love with the app that he decided to produce an entire video covering the neat camera tricks the app brings.
We’re excited for the shift to the Lumia Camera app to begin as Windows 10 rolls out on smartphones this fall for sure – the days of mediocre camera apps on certain Windows Phones will be in the rear mirror then.
Source: Engadget
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