Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Instagram courts Android users for beta test program

What’s the only thing better than having your phone or tablet loaded to the brim with all the latest apps? Why, having access to those hot-off-the-presses updates before the rest of your friends, that’s what. If you count yourself among the hundred-million-plus Instagram users out there, and Android’s your mobile platform of choice, we’ve got some news that could help put you ahead of the curve, getting access to the newest Instagram features before everyone else out there.
Instagram just announced a new beta test program for its Android app. Interested users are invited to join the beta program’s Google Group to get access to the app’s bleeding-edge updates, before they’re given the go-ahead for inclusion in the main release.
While that means that you’ll be checking out new features before other Android Instagram users, being in a beta is a bit of a double-edged sword, as you could just as easily find yourself dealing with a buggy, frustrating-to-use app; you take the good with the bad. At least there’s a silver lining there, and by allowing Instagram to gather information about your user experience, you’re helping the app correct any glitches early, before everyone one else has to deal with them.
Interested in participating? Hit up the source link below, join the group, and follow the instructions to get yourself started.
Source: Instagram (Google Groups)
Via: Android Central
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