Friday, 19 December 2014

Sony teaser video is rife with hints: Lollipop, more

Sony has its CES press event coming up just two weeks from Monday. Will it really be ready to announce its next-gen Xperia Z smartphone? What about those rumors of a new, extra-large tablet? We’re still looking to put together the complete picture of what to expect from Sony, and now the manufacturer is helping to stoke our speculative fires a little, releasing a teaser video that’s backed to the prim with suggestive imagery.
If smartphone ads were chocolates, and you could eat too many and give yourself a sugar-fueled fever-dream, this is what you might find. We’ve got close-ups of very thin devices, time-lapse recordings, allusions to gaming, and a very deliberate reference to Android Lollipop. What’s with the number five? Is that because the Sony CES event is on January 5? Will we see the launch of a model with a five-inch screen?
Like a good teaser, this one has us coming away feeling like we just saw something quite interesting – but one where we’re still not sure what it is, leaving us with more questions than answers. But more to the point, it has us eager to get to the bottom of Sony’s upcoming product lineup.
Maybe Sony will publish another teaser with a little more meat to it between now and its CES event, but even if we don’t get another official look into its plans, we’re sure that new rumors and leaks will turn up to help keep our curiosity satisfied.
Source: Sony (YouTube)
Via: Xperia Blog
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