Friday, 19 December 2014

Galaxy S6 evidence arrives courtesy of import database

Yesterday had us thinking about Galaxy S6 design, following the arrival of a rumor claiming that Samsung would really embrace the sort of curved-screen layout the Note Edge introduced while taking things even further, featuring such a curve on not one side of the screen, but two. It’s an idea we’d heard before, though what realistic chance there is of the GS6 getting such a bold look, we still can’t say with much confidence. Even with that bit up in the air, new evidence arrives today of the Galaxy S6’s existence, with some Indian import logs appearing to reveal Samsung’s work on the flagship handset.
Just a couple days earlier this week, India reports Samsung importing an R&D test unit from South Korea of its model SM-G920F. Along with G925, G920 is one of the model numbers we’ve been tracking as the presumptive Galaxy S6.
While that certainly seems to point to Samsung’s ongoing work on the GS6 (or at least the GS6 spectrum of models), there’s one eyebrow-raising bit here: the price. Samsung needed to declare a value for customs, and here the phone’s described as being worth the equivalent of about $300 – way lower than we’d expect for a smartphone of the GS6’s stature. While odd, it needn’t mean this GS6 interpretation is incorrect, as Samsung could assign whatever customs value it cared to for a test unit that’s never going to be put up for sale, anyway.
Rumors have been back-and-forth over Samsung’s launch plans for the GS6, ranging from the very start of 2015, to somewhere further our towards Q2. While this new find doesn’t help resolve that questions any, at least it’s semi-official confirmation that development is currently underway – and for now, we’ll take whatever confirmation we can get.
Source: Zauba
Via: phoneArena
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