Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Second-gen Moto G shows up in LTE form on Brazilian Motorola site

One of the omissions with the second-gen Moto G that we weren’t so happy about was LTE access. The device caps out at HSPA+ speeds and isn’t capable of accessing the best networks US carriers have to offer, which made it an even worse buy for some than last year’s LTE Moto G model (first-gen). Now, it looks as though the second-gen Moto G may be getting the same treatment, considering the fact that Motorola’s Brazilian site seemingly leaked information about a 2014 Moto G LTE variant.
According to the specifications that were briefly live on the website, two things are different between the regular G and this LTE-capable model. One, there’s LTE (no duh). And two, the battery pack has gone up from 2,070mAh to 2,390mAh. Whether this is an error, we don’t know, but we’re sure not complaining.
We’re waiting on official word from Motorola on the matter, but here’s a little food for thought. Considering that the phone went live on an official Motorola site, it’s probably legit and will most likely be announced soon. But, since this is the Brazilian site we’re referring to, it’s also entirely possible this is a Brazil exclusive and will never make it up to the US. Time will tell, however.
Source: Motorola
Via: Android Police
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