Tuesday, 30 December 2014

HTC hints at new Desire launch in CES teaser: “Always Desire more”

Yesterday, we came across a rather off-the-wall rumor that HTC’s big 2015 flagship would debut just next week at CES 2015. And today, now that we have another HTC CES teaser in, we can all but guarantee that the behemoth won’t be using the Las Vegas trade show as a launchpad, but will instead defer that position to a more mid-range Desire model (or multiple). How do we know this? Well, simple. HTC told us to “Always Desire more” in its teaser, with had nothing else but dates and times on it for the event and a link to HTC’s Weibo page.
As for what we can expect from the event, @upleaks has clued us into its predictions. His best bet is the phone that goes currently under the codename A52, and he refers to it as a “selfie phone” as well given its supposed employment of a 13MP front-facing camera just like the Desire EYE. @upleaks also posits that the phone will see a wide Asian launch, and that there will be multiple different color options, a staple of Desire smartphones in the past. There will supposedly be a 16GB model with the 13MP front-facer, and a 32GB model with a 4MP selfie cam.
Pocketnow will be in attendance at HTC’s press conference, and we’ll have prompt hands-on coverage available on the site as well, so stay tuned to learn more about what HTC has to show ces 2015 teaser
Source: HTC (Weibo), @upleaks
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