Thursday, 18 December 2014

Latest Galaxy S6 design rumors sound even more out-there than Note Edge

So far, the rumors and leaks surrounding Samsung’s plans for the presumptive Galaxy S6 have largely fallen into two camps: those that are looking at specs and the detail behind the hardware components Samsung might choose, and those that are more focused on the handset’s overall design. That latter group has itself seen division over a few key issues, with a lot of talk being made about the degree to which the GS6 would or wouldn’t feature an curving over-the-side screen as introduced by the Galaxy Note Edge. Would the GS6 itself have a curved screen? Would there be a regular flat GS6 and also a separate Edge model? Today yet another source weighs-in on the debate, embracing the curved-screen theory in a pretty major way.
According to “reliable sources,” the Galaxy S6 could feature Edge-style wrap-around curves down both of the phone’s long sides, rather than just the one we see on the Edge. A similar idea was laid out in an analyst report over a month ago, but the reasoning behind that conclusion didn’t hold a lot of water – not that we know who these sources giving us today’s info are, but at least this time we’re supposedly getting insider information, rather than an outsider theory.
The other big component of this design rumor is that the GS6 could be aluminum all around – not just metallic edge highlights, as on other Samsung models. A very HTC-One-ish look sounds almost alien for Samsung, but that’s not to say it couldn’t happen.
And as for the notion that we’d get a flat GS6 and a curved-screen one, this report claims that the phone would be curved-or-nothing: no flat-screen version. While there would be multiple variants, those would just be the kind of SoC and radio differences we’re already used to from Samsung flagships.
Finally, we get a rough ETA, with Samsung reportedly prepping its GS6 launch event for near the beginning of Q2 2015 – significantly later than other rumors have suggested.
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