Thursday, 18 December 2014

Android 5.1 tipped for early next year, partial changelog leaked

Do you have Android 5.0 (or 5.0.1) Lollipop yet? Odds are, you don’t, as even with manufacturers cooking up updates as quickly as they can, the vast majority of Android devices out there will be waiting weeks, if not months, before Lollipop even becomes close to a possibility. But as most of you wait patiently for Lollipop at all, Google’s already hard at work on what’s next, and today some new rumors arrive that suggest a big Lollipop refresh is coming early next year, and give us a few clues at what to expect.
First up: that ETA. According to a pair of sources, Google’s working on Android 5.1 with the intent of making the release available sometime by the end of February 2015.
As for what’s new, this surely isn’t an exhaustive list, but a few stand-out changes rumored to be present include a return of the simple-to-use silent mode after pushback over Lollipop’s confusing priority notifications, better RAM management, lower battery demands, and maybe even a tweaked color palette (though that may be landing further down the line than the first 5.1 release).
We could also expect to see a lot of bugfixes, with areas singled-out for improvement including things like wireless connectivity (especially over WiFi), “OK Google” keyword response, notifications, sound output, and random app closures.
This is just all cleaning up issues with the original Android 5.0 build – 5.1 could additionally bring some all-new functionality, though nothing like that is present in the report available to us today. Between now and the end of February, though, we’d be surprised if at least some of that info didn’t start leaking out.
Source: AndroidPIT
Via: XDA-Developers
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