Sunday, 16 November 2014

Google Play edition Lollipop updates should start landing early next week

Android Lollipop update momentum has hit a (temporary) lull. After those heady early hours of distribution for Nexus devices (to say nothing of efforts by Motorola or LG), the feverish pace at which update news arrived has slowed to a trickle; while last night brought us hope that the Nexus 4′s update would be arriving at any moment, as of now it’s still yet to surface. But even as we wait for that release to drop, we’re already looking forward to who’s getting Lollipop next, and new confirmation has just arrived that some Google Play edition models should see their own Android 5.0 updates go public “early next week.”
So says HTC VP Mo Versi, who took to Twitter overnight to answer questions from users about Lollipop update plans for the company’s GPe models. In two separate tweets, he asserts that it’s the company’s intention to get those updates out early next week, but isn’t any more specific about a certain day.
HTC has two Play edition models under its belt, the One M7 and this year’s One M8. When pressed for clarification if he meant Lollipop updates for both phones (versus, presumably, just the One M8 at this early date), Versi did not respond, so even with the general timeframe now looking confirmed, not all the details are quite so certain.
Hopefully, the arrival of one or both of those Lollipop updates will help jump-start releases for the rest of the Google Play edition family.
Source: Mo Versi 1,2 (Twitter)
Via: Android Central
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