Friday, 24 October 2014

When will you be able to buy the LG G Watch R?

Motorola found itself facing some fresh competition on the smartwatch front a couple months back, as LG tossed its hat in the ring with the G Watch R. In the time since, we’ve seen LG’s round-faced smartwatch debut in the manufacturer’s native South Korea, but what of international plans? When are all of us in the West going to get a shot at a round Android Wear without the Moto 360′s not-a-big-deal-but-yeah-it’s-there “flat tire.” In a new blog post this week, LG shares what’s next for the G Watch R, starting with Europe.
Beginning early next month, in just a couple more weeks, sales of the G Watch R will open in nations throughout Europe – the company mentions France, Italy, Spain, and the UK in particular, but it sounds like most of Western Europe should see the round smartwatch arrive in this same general timeframe.
Following the start of those sales, the G Watch R will come to Eastern Europe, Russia, and the rest of Asia “soon after,” though LG isn’t being too precise with the details. North American sales are also supposed to start around that same time, but if that means late November or maybe even a little further out, we can’t yet say.
Full details on the wearable’s release in these new markets, including pricing, will be announced closer to the start of sales.
Source: LG UK
Via: Android Central
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