Friday, 24 October 2014

HTC rep talks One M8 Eye international release plans (or lack thereof)

Two weeks back, HTC dropped a bit of a surprise,posting info about the One M8 Eye on its Chinese site. We had heard about this phone before, and assumed it was coming at some point, but to see the company just sort of let it loose without a more formal announcement was still a little out of the ordinary. And while that made it clear that the One M8 Eye was finally official, the manner in which the handset was introduced left us with questions: would the M8 Eye be an exclusive to China, or would we eventually see this handset make its way to other nations? While the M8 Eye is spreading elsewhere, it won’t hit every big international market, as recently confirmed by an HTC representative.
At least, that’s what Fudzilla heard when talking with an HTC product manager about any possible plans for German-speaking areas of Europe, and it seems that HTC will be steering clear of the continent altogether when it comes to the One M8 Eye.
But there will be a home for the M8 Eye beyond China, with the handset having launched in India following its initial Chinese debut. This still doesn’t completely answer our questions about the M8 Eye’s global footprint – will it emerge in areas like the Middle East, or maybe South America – but from the sounds of it, markets in the West just aren’t a priority for this particular handset.
The One M8 Eye, for those of you who have forgot, is a close cousin to the One M8, swapping the old Ultrapixel 4MP camera for a a 13MP shooter of more traditional design (while keeping Duo Camera mode), and dropping a few extras, like IR support.
Source: Fudzilla
Via: Android Centra
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