Monday, 13 October 2014

T-Mobile announces Xperia Z3 sales beginning later this month

Last week, Sony and Verizon got together to
announce the forthcoming release of the Xperia Z3v for the carrier. While that was interesting news to get, it wasn’t quite the big Sony push back into the US that some of its fans had been hoping for, and also did nothing to explain what the Z3 situation on T-Mobile would look like. After all, the carrier had already confirmed its plans to carry the Xperia Z3 – we just needed to get details about when that would occur and how it would happen. Last week may have left us high and dry, but today T-Mobile comes through with some answers, welcoming the Z3 to its lineup as of October 29.14 Comments
At least, that’s when full-on sales begin, both online and in T-Mobile stores, but you might just have a chance to score the Z3 even before that. Online pre-orders get started at midnight this Wednesday, and while the carrier’s being cagey about just when those pre-order shipments will start going out to customers, it acknowledges that they could arrive well in advance of that October 29 date.
T-Mobile’s asking $630 for the Xperia Z3, which it will let you pay off for $26.25 a month over the course of two years.
There’s still not a peep out of T-Mobile (or any other US carrier, for that matter) on possible Xperia Z3 Compact plans, leaving direct sales from Sony (once they begin in the States) as your best option there.
Look forward to our full Xperia Z3 review, coming soon.
Source: T-Mobile
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