Monday, 13 October 2014

Sony begins direct Xperia Z3 Compact sales in US

T-Mobile just shared word of its plans to get sales of the Xperia Z3 started a little later this month, and while that was good to hear on its own, it also got us wondering about the fate of the Xperia Z3 Compact. After all, last week saw Sony add a “buy” link to its US listing for the Z3 Compact, though at the time, clicking it didn’t take you anywhere useful. Today, we say that change, as Sony kicks-off US sales of its pint-sized powerhouse.
Sony’s got the Xperia Z3 Compact in black, white, orange, and green, all going for just about $530. The handset has band support that should work just fine with either AT&T or T-Mobile, though while orders are officially now open, we notice that all four color options are marked as back-ordered.
We’re curious to see if that changes soon, as there’s a slight chance that this is some kind of slip-up on Sony’s part – the ordering pages for the Z3 Compact, despite clearly identifying as intended for the US, include a large amount of text in French, suggesting that someone may have made an error in pushing these pages live. Even if it takes Sony a few hours to sort that out, we’re excited to see these sales getting started. At $530, do phones like this year’s Moto X suddenly have some new competition?
Source: Sony
Via: Droid Life
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