Tuesday, 28 October 2014

“Scary” new Droid Turbo teaser video lands

Eighteen hours and change: Verizon’s countdown to the Droid Turbo launch has been running since two weeks ago, and the zero hour is in sight. Tomorrow will almost certainly bring us the phone’s formal announcement, and rumors have suggested that Verizon will get sales of the Motorola Android started a little later this week, probably on Thursday. Between now and then, Verizon can’t help itself but to tease the phone’s launch just a little more, and this afternoon the company returns to its DroidLanding Twitter account to send out a bit of a confounding message.
In the latest DroidLanding tweet since the countdown clock went live the other week (and only the fourth tweet – not counting that misfire – to be published following the account’s reactivation in early September), Verizon advises smartphone fans that “things are going to get scary, fast” and publishes a short video clip.
Now, we’ve seen vaguely mysterious video teasers before, but this might really take the cake. It’s got flowing red curtains, an ominous score, massive stone sculptures, and a sinister hand reaching out towards us. What. The. Heck? Presumably, we’re going for a Halloween vibe here, but the clip’s contents are still positively head-scratching in their non-specificity.
Are these the first few seconds of what will later be revealed to be a lengthier intro video? And who should be scared of the Droid Turbo? Hopefully not us, but maybe manufacturers of lesser phones? We’re well curious to see how this spooky teaser ends up factoring-in (or not) to tomorrow’s launch event.
Source: DroidLanding (Twitter)
Via: phoneAren
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